Exam Power: 14 April 2018 Today Current Affairs

Exam Power: 14 April 2018 Current Affairs

Prime Minister Narendra Modi Inaugurates Dr Ambedkar National Memorial, New Delhi

Prime Minister Narendra Modi inaugurated Dr Ambedkar National Memorial in New Delhi.

The memorial is dedicated to the life and contributions of Dr. Ambedkar, the principal architect of the Constitution.

The foundation stone for the Memorial was laid by the Prime Minister in 2016.

The memorial has an exhibition area, meditation hall with the Buddha Statue and 12 feet high bronze statue of Dr. Ambedkar.

It is equipped with a sewerage treatment plant, a rainwater harvesting System and rooftop solar energy.

NHAI signs agreement for its First International Project

• The National Highways Authority of India on April 12, 2018 signed an agreement for upgradation of Yagyi – Kalewa section of highway in Myanmar to two lanes with earthen shoulder. 

• The project will be funded by the Union Ministry of External Affairs and will be executed on EPC mode at a cost of Rs 1177 crores.    

• It will provide seamless vehicular movement for enhancing trade, business, health, education and tourism between Indian, Myanmar and Thailand. 

• The project will be completed in three years.

1,200-year-old Buddhist carvings found in Tibet

• Around 1200 year-old Buddhist cliff carvings have been found in Tibet that may offer a glimpse into Buddhist art and local history. 

• According to the regional cultural relics protection research institute, the discoveries dating back to the Tibetan Tubo Kingdom were found in Acur township of Qamdo city.

• The relics of the Buddha figure carvings were first found by construction workers who were mining for stones. 

• The carvings are inscribed on cliffs that stretch some 10 metres in total.

• Experts believe that the carvings were created in the 9th century, based on their style.

Scientists Found Earth’s Second Magnetic Field

Earth’s magnetic field protects us from solar winds and other things that could pose a catastrophe. Recently, scientists managed to identify Earth’s second magnetic field which is being generated by Earth’s oceans and is also impacted by the moon. Scientists behind this discovery presented their work at the 2018 European Geosciences Union in Vienna, Austria.

According to the scientists, the second magnetic field is created when Earth’s natural satellite, the Moon, affects oceans by pulling them through the magnetic field. This results in an electric current which leads to a magnetic field. Given that the recently discovered magnetic field is 20,000 times weaker than the main one, it is particularly challenging to detect or study.

CWG 2018: Anish Bhanwala Becomes India's Youngest CWG Gold Medalist

Fifteen-year-old shooter Anish Bhanwala became India's youngest gold medalist at the Commonwealth Games, winning the men's 25m Rapid Fire Pistol Finals with a record score at Gold Coast, Australia.

India's Neeraj Kumar stood fifth at the event. Anish, who is participating in his first Commonwealth Games, won gold at the ISSF Junior World Cup in Sydney 2017.

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